Bape Halloween Theme

With Halloween just around the corner, street fashion brand BAPE has designed a set of sugar skull T-shirts.

The two-piece collection includes BAPE's ubiquitous Ape Head badges, which are transformed into vibrant sugar skulls. On the left front chest, the Ape Head logo blooms flowers in its eyes while being surrounded by diamond graphics. On the back is a large skull motif, next to BAPE's STA motif (made in various festive colors) and a portrait of a "bathing ape". In addition, the aforementioned ape head badge has been placed in the eye socket of each skull.

BAPE's Sugar Skull T-shirt collection is now available exclusively at BAPE's LA flagship store and A limited edition sticker is included with every purchase, while supplies last. This year's Dias De Los Muertos is celebrated on Saturday, November 2.

In addition to Halloween-themed T-shirt capsules, BAPE will also provide customers with special treatment.

Selected BAPE retail stores will give Halloween candy to everyone who buys in-store on Thursday, October 31. The famous Japanese snacks Umaibo and Tirol Choco both wear special packaging, the former decorated with Baby Milo motifs and the latter covered with pink, green and blue ABC camouflage. Each design is made exclusively by BAPE.