New Star Wars Capsule-BAPE

To celebrate Disney + 's live-action series, Mandalorians, Bape and Star Wars have launched a new series, combining reality with science fiction.

Following their legendary history, BAPE and Star Wars once again joined forces to create a new series that will push every fan of science fiction fantasy legends to the moon.

Just a few hours after sharing the trailer, BAPE and Star Wars unveiled their complete co-op capsule to celebrate Disney + 's live-action series, Mandalorians.

The visual effects used in this series are from the iconic scenes in the original Star Wars trilogy. These graphics are very similar to those in BAPE's Star Wars lineup from 2011, but with an additional update, the iconic Mandalorian symbols (fabulous skulls) are printed on the back of each shirt.

Through BAPE's past collaborations, fans can look forward to a range of co-branded clothing and accessories, such as T-shirts, crew neck sweaters and Shark Hoodies, and possibly even a range of vinyl toys, stickers and more.

BAPE's latest Star Wars capsule will be available on all BAPE retailers and on Saturday, November 30.